What is pilgrimage?

A Pilgrim Path is one which emerges from the Christian tradition. With the purpose of spiritual encounter, it is generally undertaken on foot to a significant place.

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A Christian Pilgrimage is a journey to a significant place, made with the intention of encountering God in Christ. It encourages engagement with the surrounding landscape, offering space to reflect and pray.

Its value to Christian mission and discipleship is limitless; each pilgrim can explore and deepen their relationship with God in an individual and corporate way, drawn aside from the preoccupations of daily life, encountering God through nature, landscape and the many beautiful churches and cathedrals which Britain offers.

A pilgrimage can be made on foot, by bike, or by bus.

It can be undertaken alone or in a group, with friends, family or strangers…

All you need is an openness to what the journey might offer, and a willingness to be changed.

Why do people go on pilgrimages?